$112m additional aid for cabbies, private-hire drivers and operators.

Cabbies, private-hire drivers and operators will get an additional $112 million in financial assistance from the Government. New private-hire drivers must be citizens, at least 30 years old PHOTO: GAVIN FOO This amount is on the top of a $77 million package, which was announced in February this year. A second tranche…


New ERP system to start in 2023 but no distance-based charging yet; replacement of IU from second half of 2021

Singapore will switch to a satellite-based Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system in the middle of 2023, but plans to charge motorists for the distances they clock will be on hold. PHOTO: LTA The Land Transport Authority said on Tuesday (Sept 8) that installation of a new onboard unit (OBU) to…


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