The announcement comes after a video by SG Road Vigilante shows cars in separate incidents skidding across lanes on the same segment of the PIE.

A segment of the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) at Jalan Anak Bukit will undergo improvements after several vehicles were seen to have skidded out of control along that part of the highway.

The segment, which is near Upper Bukit Timah Road, will see the road and road shoulder re-surfaced, lane markings broadened, the parapet wall re-painted with directional arrows, and new signs installed.

In a Facebook post on Saturday night (Aug 22), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said that these works will begin this week as an added safety measure after it surveyed the area.

“We have studied this segment of the PIE at Jalan Anak Bukit. The majority of accidents at this location are due to speeding. We also carried out skid resistance readings for this segment and they are within the normal range,” the authority added.

The announcement of the works comes after a video was uploaded onto YouTube by SG Road Vigilante showing four cars in separate incidents skidding across lanes on the same segment of the PIE.

The LTA provided the link in its Facebook post to the 56-second video which is captioned with the dates Aug 13 to 18.

Aside from speeding, netizens in the comments section have attributed the incidents to balding tyres and oily road surfaces, among other theories.

The authorities reminded motorists in its Facebook post to exercise greater caution when driving in rainy conditions and to avoid speeding.

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