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Since 2014 there was a huge demand in renting cars but since the COVID-19 occured it put the brakes on that trend.

With economic and leisure activities hampered by the outbreak, the rental car population shrank by 1.4% in April to 76,312. It was the second consecutive fall in two months, bringing the population – which had been growing almost continuously in the last six years – to its lowest in six months, according to latest Land Transport Authority (LTA) statistics. The figure consists of 54,545 private-hire cars and 21,767 self-drive rentals.

Industry watchers reckon the figure will continue to shrink, as more players pare down fleets in response to lower demand, especially in the private-hire segment.

Private-hire drivers unable to make ends meet because ridership plunged by up to 60 per cent have returned their cars to operators.

It is estimated that nearly 20,000 cars are unhired now, many gathering dust in carparks across the island, including Turf City, Textile Centre, Carros Centre, etc.

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